Kristopher Harper MHort (RHS), MCIHort established the James Lye Fuchsia Collection in 2009 as a hobby to preserve, research and archive the legacy of James Lye, a Victorian fuchsia hybridiser from Market Lavington in Wiltshire.

Since its foundation the Collection has obtained over 33 fuchsias which are attributed to being introduced by James Lye.

This follows many hours of research, looking at old nursery catalogues and other contemporary sources such as, The Gardener’s Chronicle and The Floral Magazine to mention a couple. There will be many more years of work ahead in an attempt to try to track down any of the other cultivars which are not currently in the collection.

Young fuchsia plants are available to purchase from Harper & Debbage, which is a online (mail order) fuchsia nursery, also owned by Kristopher Harper.