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The Witan Global Growth Garden

By chance we met with the garden designer Jane Bailey, of Jane Bailey Garden Design, at the Suffolk Plant Heritage Plant Fair in May 2016.   We discussed suitable fuchsias for the garden she was designing for Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, where the majority of plants had to have an edible element to them and could be grown in most parts of the UK.  Fuchsia magellanica ‘Riccartonii’ and F. splendens were already on her planting list.

Kristopher Harper with Jane Bailey

Discussions followed after the Plant Fair and we agreed to supply some additional Fuchsias for the show garden being, Fuchsia procumbens, Fuchsia magellanica ‘Thompsonii’ and Fuchsia ‘Charming‘ the latter being an introduction by James Lye.

The Witan Global Growth Garden was designed in a spiral to evoke the sense of tranquillity to take you on a stunning journey of colour, scent and texture.  The majority of plants have an edible element to them, and can be grown in most parts of the UK.  There was a stunning ‘Leaf Sphere’ sculpture in the middle of the garden.

Kristopher Harper – Sitting in the Show Garden

It was lovely working with Jane over the coming weeks and delivering the plants to her and the rest of the build team at the Showground.  We visited the garden throughout the week to see the plants flourish in their temporary home.

We have put a selection of photos of the show garden on our Facebook page at

The Witan Global Growth Garden received a Silver-Gilt medal.



Jane Bailey Garden Design

Witan Investment Trust

Royal Horticultural Society (Witan Investment Trust Global Growth Garden)

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