Lost Fuchsia: Louisa Balfour

Today’s lost fuchsia is ‘Lousia Balfour’, we do not know when she was introduced and at present have a limited description of her.

We understand that this fuchsia was named after Louisa Balfour who was born in 1852 in Darjeeling, India. Daughter of George G. and Juliana G. Balfour.

From the census we can follow her travels:

  • 1881 she was living at Middle Green, Langley-Marsh, Buckinghamshire.
  • 1891 she visited Louisa Hay at Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington.
  • 1901she visted Margaret Ewart at Broadleaye Park, Roundway.
  • 1911 she resided at Eastbury Manor, Crompton, Guildford.

There appears to be little information regarding this cultivar.

Some Clues:

  • Mentioned in Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Reportedly, extensively used by James Lye as a seed parent.

We hope that our fuchsia #detectives will help us find more information about this #fuchsia cultivar including information relating to its first listing, when it was last seen or listed in a #nursery catalogue.

Is it possible there was another Louisa Balfour who this cultivar could be named after, but considering this one stayed at Clyffe Hall unlikely.

Any information you can share will help us and other fuchsia detectives helping in the search.

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