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Lost Fuchsia: Walter Long

We believe that this fuchsia is named after Walter Hume Long, who was born in Bath in 1854, and married Lady Dorothy (Doreen) Blanche, daughter of Richard Boyle, 9th Earl of Cork, in 1878. Walter died in 1924 at Rood Ashton House in Wiltshire.

During his political career which spanned over 40 years, Walter held office as President of the Board of Agriculture, President of the Local Government Board, Chief Secretary for Ireland, Secretary of State for the Colonies and First Lord of the Admiralty. He is also remembered for his links with Irish Unionism, and served as Leader of the Irish Unionist Party in the House of Commons from 1906 to 1910.

He was appointed Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire in February 1920, and was raised to the peerage as Viscount Long of Wraxall in the County of Wiltshire in May 1921.

The Royal Commission on Agriculture, meet at Trowbridge on 18 January 1893.

Some Clues:
The Fuchsia Cultivar ‘Walter Long’ appeared in the following nursery catalogues, John Forbes (1888), B S Williams (1888), W J Bull (1889-93), H. Cannell (1892). We would love to see images of these catalogue entries, with references in the Gardeners Chronicle and Gardeners Oracle.

We hope that our fuchsia #detectives will help us find more information about this #fuchsia cultivar including information relating to its first listing, when it was last seen or listed in a #nursery catalogue. Is it possible there was another Walter Long in Wiltshire who this cultivar could be named after? Any information you can share will help others in the search.

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