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Lost Fuchsia: Miss Welch

This weeks lost fuchsia is ‘Miss Welch’, which was introduced around 1885.

We know very little about this cultivar, to our knowledge there appears to be only one description of this cultivar and no known images.

We suspect that the fuchsia is linked to a member of James Welch‘s family, because James Lye and James Welch were known to each other as they both lived in Market Lavington and sat on the parish council.  It may be possible to link the naming of this fuchsia through census records and James Welch was the Secretary of the Wiltshire Agricultural Association.

Additional Clues on where this cultivar has previously been listed to help our detectives:

  • Mentioned in the John Forbes Catalogue, 1885

We are hoping that our fuchsia detectives will find some information about this historic cultivar, through historical resources, such as the Gardeners’ Chronicle, if any of our detectives are living in Europe they could consult their own countries historical journals, as we know James Lye’s fuchsias have appeared in German publications, as well as searching nursery catalogues.

Any information you can share with us (however small) will help us and other fuchsia detectives in the search.

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Lost Fuchsia: James Welch

Today’s lost fuchsia is ‘James Welch’, James was born in 1856 and married Annie Earle in London in 1887. The Fuchsia Annie Earle has survived and is held within our Plant Heritage, National Plant Collection. We would love to find James so that we can reunite the couple.

James was the Secretary of the Wiltshire Agricultural Association (Society) for many years and a founder member of the Market Lavington Parish Council and its chairman from 1915-1919).

The Fuchsia Cultivar ‘James Welch’ appeared several times in the Gardeners Chronicle first in 1885 as a new fuchsia for 1886, and had listings in following nursery catalogue’s, John Forbes, Dobbies, W J Bull, B S Williams. We would love to see these listings..

We hope that our fuchsia #detectives will help us find more information about this #fuchsia cultivar including information relating to its first listing or when it was last seen or listed in a #nursery catalogue. Any information you can share will help others in the search.

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